Online Dating – Couples Who Met Online – part 2

I recently shared the stories of 5 couples who met online.  I am genuinely surprised at just how many people have replied saying they also met their other half online!  There are also couples my parents age who met online – leading me to believe this could be the future of dating.

So if you are considering the successes of online dating, read about these lovely couples who met online.


Renee and Daniel; Tagged

Daniel and Renee
Daniel and Renee

Name & Age:  Renee 24 and Daniel 30

Where online did you meet?  Tagged

When did you first make contact?  2011

How long have you been together?  5 years

What were your opening lines to one another?  His first ever message was ‘helloooo XD’.  I’m pretty sure I just replied with ’hey’.

Where did you go on your first date?  We had our first date/the first time we ever met at Starbucks (I know typical) but I didn’t really know who he was so I wanted something public.

As a couple, do you have any milestones coming up?  Yes!!  We are moving into our first home together in September, and I’m so excited!  Mainly to decorate but also to be alone.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of trying online dating?  Do it!  Just be careful, make sure you see photos and all that so you know they are legit, don’t get catfished!!  It changed my life and I managed to find the perfect person.


Megan and Liam; Tinder

Megan and Liam
Megan and Liam

Name & Age:  Megan 20 and Liam 24

Where online did you meet?  Tinder

When did you first make contact?  We first made contact around the 10th of October 2015 and met in person on the 18th of October.

How long have you been together?  We’ve been seeing each other for a year and 9 months, but we’ve officially been girlfriend and boyfriend for a year and 7 months.

What were your opening lines to one another?

Where did you go on your first date?  We didn’t have our first proper date until a month into seeing each other, we went to a restaurant called Buddies.  Before that, we’d just stay in and watch films.

As a couple, do you have any milestones coming up?  Our next milestone will be our 2 year anniversary, but that’s not until January!  We’re also getting our own house next year, so I suppose that could be one!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of trying online dating?  I’d say just be yourself over message, don’t meet up until your comfortable with it.  When you do meet up, make it somewhere in public so you know there’s people around!  But overall, I’d just say have fun with it!  It’s a great way of meeting new people!  I don’t regret a thing about how I met Liam!


Skylar and Stacy; Tinder

Skylar and Stacy
Skylar and Stacy

Name & Age:  Skylar 29 and Stacy 26

Where online did you meet?  Tinder

When did you first make contact?  November 2014

How long have you been together?  3 years and married for 2 years

What were your opening lines to one another?  Hi, how are you?

Where did you go on your first date?  An Italian restaurant

As a couple, do you have any milestones coming up?  Our second wedding anniversary!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of trying online dating?  Be honest and be careful.


Em and Dan; Tinder

Em and Dan
Dan and Em

Name & Age:  Em 20 and Dan 20

Where online did you meet?  Tinder

When did you first make contact?  We matched on a Friday and went on our first date on the Saturday.  I was home from uni for the weekend so it was either meet up quick or put it off until Christmas!

How long have you been together?  It will be 8 months in August (but it feels like I have known him forever!)

What were your opening lines to one another?  We literally both have memories like sieves, so I can’t quite remember.  But he definitely kicked it off with something about me looking lovely, and knowing me I probably replied with a gif (but a nice one!)

Where did you go on your first date?  We went to 2 local pubs for some drinks and – if I’m honest – I had one too many gin and lemonades.  Dan was a gentleman and waited for my bus with me (even though it meant he missed his own bus home!) I was like a little giddy child that whole bus ride home, I couldn’t stop smiling.

As a couple, do you have any milestones coming up?  Our 1 year anniversary is actually coming up pretty soon (better get planning)!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of trying online dating?  Online dating is only dangerous and dirty if you make it like that!  Just be sensible about only meeting up in public places, and if you don’t want to send/receive a nude then un-match and keep on swiping (it really is that simple).


Zara and Craig; Tinder

Name & Age:  Zara and Craig

Where Did You Meet?:  Tinder

When Did You First Make Contact?:  16.11.14 – we met up for lunch and went to Craigs house to watch a movie and meet his dog Bonnie.

How Long Have You Been Together?  3 years this November (2017)

What Were Your Opening Lines to One Another?  I (Zara) was complaining about an older man being rude.  Craig pulled up to pick me up and said something about me being trouble already.

Where did you go on your first date?  He took me shopping in a gorgeous shopping centre during the Christmas period and we bought gifts, saw pretty decorations and shared food.

As a couple, do you have any milestones coming up?  Our 3rd anniversary is approaching this winter and we’re both very excited.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of trying online dating?  Make sure you know enough about the person before meeting up.  I met a few weirdos before meeting Craig and thankfully I was in public so I was safe.  If you do meet up with someone, make sure it’s a public, neutral place where you can be safe and enjoy yourself.


Kayleigh and Ross; Plenty of Fish

Kayleigh and Ross
Kayleigh and Ross

Name & Age:  Ross 22 and Kayleigh 22

Where Did You Meet?:  Plenty of Fish

When Did You First Make Contact?:  January 2016

How Long Have You Been Together?  A year and a half

What Were Your Opening Lines to One Another?  Ross said he liked my smile

Where did you go on your first date?  Went to an Italian restaurant in Glasgow for lunch.

As a couple, do you have any milestones coming up?  Our second holiday together to Poland.  Also, we recently celebrated Ross graduating from University!

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of trying online dating?  Be careful of who you talk to, and find out as much as you can about the person before you go and meet up with them.  Also tell people you are going to meet up with them, just for extra security. 


Written by Laura McLuskey

Inside Thoughts on Nursing and the NHS

Over recent years, the NHS and healthcare profession has been all over the media.  We’ve seen the junior doctors strike and the disgust regarding the 1% nursing pay rise.  During the junior doctors strikes, I shared their stories on Facebook and gently explained it to people who didn’t understand.  I’ve also repeatedly explained why a 1% pay rise for nurses is a joke.

I qualified as an adult nurse in 2014, and immediately moved to Bristol to start my career.  I’ve worked in acute and community care; for the NHS and also for private companies.  Now, after 3 years in this profession, I so desperately want to talk in detail about my nursing experiences – the happy times and the hardships.  Though due to data protection and confidentiality, I feel the need to censor myself.

As a nurse, we are registered with a governing body – the Nursing and Midwifery Council – who regulate our practice.  This not only relates to our jobs, but requires us to act in an appropriate and professional manner at all times.  It’s not that hard, it just means you shouldn’t have photos of you falling about drunk made public on Facebook.  Our patients need to trust us.  Their families need to trust us.  As a 29 year old who looks about 18, I find it takes a little longer to gain patients trust as it is.  Someone vulnerable who is scared needs to feel in safe hands.

Social Media

In the last few years, I have seen and shared several stories online.  From doctors and nurses, who describe a typical day or horrendous shift in detail.  These stories NEED to be read.  In the back of my mind, I wonder if this method of sharing has had any negative effects on their registration.  However, I am so glad they have the guts to share the stories that I don’t.  I am too scared that I would be seen to be in breach of data protection, or unprofessional, and consequently lose my job.

As the stress and strain on the NHS becomes worse, this unfortunate form of censorship is helping sweep the problems under the rug.  If more of us could speak out about the difficulties faced every day with staffing, working hours and lack of support.  Then maybe things might start to change.  What if every healthcare professional wrote a post every day listing the difficulties faced?  Would the public be outraged?

The National Health Service

I love nursing and genuinely love taking care of people.  Being the kind face and the support they need.  I take pride in my work; everything from how I explain something, to how I bandage a leg.  Palliative care was a large part of my job in the community.  Taking care of someone who is dying, and their family too, might be the hardest part of my job.  I wish I had all the time in the world; to sit with my dying patient, my scared patient and every confused/scared member of their families.

The NHS is an amazing service.  Maybe you have had a bad experience, sometimes this happens.  Though, overall, we should be so thankful to receive free healthcare services.  The cost of a one day hospital stay in the USA can run into thousands of dollars.  Unlike in the UK, where we will keep people who are medically fit for discharge, until we can make social care arrangements for them in the community.  For free.

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself needing medical care, please remember that nobody is perfect.  The doctors and nurses are doing their absolute best to provide gold standard care, with the resources and time available.  We will skip breaks and go home dehydrated to make sure your mum gets her pain medication.  Or stay late to write detailed notes about your grandad, that will assist with his discharge the next day.

My Hopes for Nursing

I read so many nursing blogs before I wrote this.  From students to retired nurses.  This is an amazing career I have chosen, but we are faced with so many obstacles.  With upcoming Brexit, and the continuing privatisation of NHS services, the future of nursing is uncertain.  I hope it remains a free service as it was supposed to be.

So I ask you to use the NHS wisely.  Don’t show up to A&E unless it’s an emergency.  Buy the 16p paracetamol instead of getting a prescription.  If you are not housebound, go to the GP surgery for treatment.  Every time you misuse the free services, you delay someones treatment who needs it.

We do this job because we care about people, and we want to help them.  It is an incredibly rewarding job.  Made easier by every patient I’ve had who appreciated me doing my job.  Who smiled and gave me fudge (I love fudge).  The ones who said, “oh I’m glad it’s you dear”.  Also, to every great colleague I’ve worked with – and there’s been some amazing ones – you make me proud to be a nurse.

I’ll keep nursing for now, but I’m intrigued to see what the future holds.

Laura x



Game of Thrones Belfast Tour

A few months ago we were looking for an excuse to escape for a few days.  Being huge Game of Thrones fans, when we found out there was a set tour in Belfast, we bought tickets straight away!  There are set tours all over the world, due to the vast amount of filming locations.  We…

Fitness – My Thoughts on the Highs and Lows

In recent years the ‘fitness’ industry has boomed.  I’m sure even the title of this post will bring in some readers.  This is partly due to social media, and the beautiful people we follow.  Thankfully, it’s also due to us becoming more educated about our own health and diets.

Over the last 2-3 years I’ve got really into weightlifting and keeping fit.  It’s not easy to fit it in around normal life, and to push yourself hard enough to see results.  My latest personal best was an 80kg deadlift for 1 rep – at 52kg bodyweight.  Though, as I write this, I’ve currently had about 2 weeks off the gym.

As much as I really enjoy going to the gym and seeing results, I struggle with the discipline needed to achieve the results I would like.  I work full time and try to fit in several hobbies, as well as spending time with my partner and family.  So lately, I’ve been extremely hard on myself about how I look and my lack of discipline.  I also started a new job 6 months ago which involves lots of travel and variable hours, meaning I’m not always anywhere near a gym.

Fitness and Social Media

The problem with ‘fitness’ is how we see it on social media.  Now, I follow several fitness accounts on instagram, some of which I absolutely LOVE.  However, like most women, I spend far too much time comparing myself to them.  People who follow the perfect diet – never ever slipping, who never skip a training session and still manage to appear to be managing it all.  I can not do this.

If you read the above statement and decided I just ‘don’t try hard enough’, then this is the problem.  I don’t have a time limit on my goals.  How I reach them shouldn’t matter – especially to anyone else.  I find going to the gym therapeutic, so my goals are both physical and mental.

I’m guilty of saying I don’t have time for my lifestyle to revolve around my fitness goals, but this isn’t entirely true.  My reasons are simple – I don’t want this to be my life.  I want to fit too many things in, and the gym isn’t my priority.  There is nothing wrong with that!

People who are able to sustain 2 gym sessions a day and 6 meals – for several weeks, are incredible to me.  When I feel stressed I stop eating.  I’ve been underweight twice in my life and I know that I use food to help myself gain some control.  So I have the ability to obsessively control my diet, but it’s probably not a good idea for me anyway.

So recently I’ve put on a little weight, I’m probably what the fitness world describes as ‘skinny fat’ – or what most people would describe as normal.  We need to remember, it’s not possible to sustain these lean physiques all year round – despite what instagram might have you believe.  There are many stories from bikini/fitness models about losing friends, their periods stopping while they are on competition prep, or how difficult the lifestyle is.

Information about diet and exercise is coming from everywhere, it can get very confusing.  There are countless myths surrounding carbohydrate, fat and protein intake.  I ended up enroling on an online nutrition course, just to make sense of it all!

Whilst working in the hospital, I tried to do a ‘cutting’ plan to lose weight.  I found most coaches were unsupportive of the fact I couldn’t eat at regular times, or was too tired for the gym.  Obviously I didn’t want the results or wasn’t willing to just ‘do as I was told’.  However, I could walk 8+ miles in a shift with no break and minimal water, I was knackered.  It has taken me around 2 years to realise, I need to do what works for me.

Making Fitness Work for Me

Last summer, I worked with an absolutely amazing coach to retrain my muscles to work more effectively.  Matt at The Physio Clinic in Bristol, coached me through the performance matrix over 3 months.  It had incredible results and I still can’t believe my long standing back pain is gone.  He also took the time to help me improve my weightlifting form, as well as being generally supportive.  The difference having a realistic and supportive coach makes, is everything.  I actually enjoyed what I was doing and began to see my triumphs over my failures.

My Fitness Squats
My Fitness Squats

So my plan moving forward, is to write a new workout, and start to watch my diet again.  I’m going to try not to compare myself to people on instagram, or others I see in the gym.  Everyone has a different journey, with various goals and lifestyles.  I want to ENJOY keeping myself fit, I don’t want to feel as though I’m failing because I’m not achieving the same results as someone else.

While we spend time trying to improve our physical health, lets not let our mental health suffer.

I would love to hear from anyone who is on their own fitness journey.  Get in touch and tell me what your goals are and how you’re managing them.