Adding Colour – Monstera Deliciosa

There’s a list as long as my arm of things that need done in this house, but right now, all I can think about is my  baby Monstera Deliciosa plant!

Making the decision to paint most rooms in the house white, means that they can lack a little colour.  Not unexpected, since this is what we planned.  I like the look of bright white homes, which pull in colour through furniture, accessories, prints and plants.  I’m still trying to work in textures…

We’re lucky enough to have a big bay window area which floods so much light into the room, but sometimes this can wash the white out.  Don’t EVEN suggest magnolia.  Anyone who’s lived in rented accommodation, SURELY hates magnolia now as much as we do!

I’ve been eyeing up getting a big floor plant for in front of the windows.  So many choices.  I didn’t want another cactus, we’ve had to kill 2 on purpose because of the tiny flies that just wouldn’t leave.  Plus I have a HUGE Christmas Cactus that’s at least 25 years old – it’s going to need a room of it’s own soon.

Then I looked at the palm tree type plants, but didn’t really fancy that.  I finally stumbled upon (on Pinterest of course) these big plants with holes in the leaves, they look pretty amazing sat on the floor in a nice pot!  A Monstera Deliciosa it is.

Turns out, they’re kind of spendy for a big, mature plant.  Even my other plan of an artificial one, I kind of grudged as that would still be at least £40 – for a fake plant.  So I settled on a tiny one for £7 from Dobbies Garden Centre.  It has no holes in its leaves yet, but it looks healthy, and it has 2 new leaves unfolding.  Yes, ‘unfolding’!  What a cool plant.

I have no idea how to care for it, I read that it likes its leaves ‘spritzed’ (high maintenance, just saying) and that it will need repotted as it grows.  Apart from that, I’m just going to water it and hope for the best.  Now to find a place for the Christmas Cactus, and display my other artificial plants, in some kind of interesting fashion!

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