House Update – Decorating the Hallway

It’s been a long year, but I think we’ve finally done enough for a wee house update!  Turns out, when you do it all yourself it takes a bit longer.

Concentrating mostly on downstairs, we’ve managed to almost finish the living room and hallway.  I did wake up one morning and couldn’t stand the bedroom another second, so we ran out, bought paint, stripped the wallpaper and gave the walls a coat of very light grey.

Downstairs, we lifted the carpet that ran through the living room, hallway and upstairs.  Stripped all the wallpaper, and painted everything white.  Sounds simple, right?  It wasn’t.  We started stripping the wallpaper in the hall, and quickly realised it was that two layer vinyl shit that takes double the time to strip off.  Paired up with the stupid high walls, it’s safe to say we quickly lost our tempers with it.  The whole hallway upstairs to the loft conversation was needing re-plastered, so we got off as much wallpaper as we could reach, and then asked the professionals to finish it off before they plastered.

Now with freshly plastered walls, we painted everywhere white.  Again, it was challenging due to the ceiling height, and the fact neither of us wanted to go high up the ladders…

Next we took on the task of laying laminate flooring.  My uncle kindly came round and helped us start it, then we were off!  We laid all of the living room and hallway ourselves, I’m well impressed by us to be perfectly honest.  The beading still needs put down but that’ll be the floor done.

I’d accepted that the ugly, speckled, hardwearing carpet was going to have to stay for a while.  Then a little bit of money came our way… so naturally I ripped up the carpet immediately.  A painstaking process of ripping up the carpet grippers followed, and then filling in the little holes and painting the stairs white.

I chose a light grey carpet, and paid the little extra to have the edges bound so we could have it laid as a runner up the stairs.  What a difference it’s made to the whole house!  It starts at the stairs, goes up onto the 1st floor, and up the stairs to the loft conversion.  Still waiting for a few of the stairs to be replace that haven’t been properly laid, but apart from that, I love it.

The radiators are back on the walls now, and we’re waiting on some prints being delivered for the living room.  Next up – the spare room.  I asked my mum to rip up the ugly, worn carpet the day we moved in, and we’ve been walking on just the underlay since then.  Looking at sticking with white, and going for neutral tones in that room.  Should be able to get most of it done in a weekend.

Are you renovating?  Send me links to your period properties!



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