Happy 2019!

I’m a bit late to the party, but every new year, I say I haven’t made any resolutions.  Which is true in a sense.  I don’t stick to the typical ‘weight loss’ or ‘saving’ or other cliches.  However, I do find myself quietly saying i’ll do things to make myself feel better.  I think in 2017 I wanted to learn to be comfortable in my own skin.  In 2018 I wanted to be less jealous and appreciate what I have.  Who knows what 2019 might hold?!

I started listening to a podcast a few weeks ago – having only ever listened to the HILARIOUS Ricky Gervais Show, this was a bit different.  A guilty pleasure of mine is The Vampire Diaries – I’m in the midst of watching the whole show again – and I follow Candice King on Instagram, who played Caroline Forbes.  This led me to a fab little podcast presented by Candice and Kayla Ewell, who played Vicki Donovan on TVD.

Directionally Challenged took me a few episodes to get into, American girls have very different chat to us Scots!  But the topics of conversation are so relatable.  The most recent one I listened to was about friendship and ‘Finding Your Tribe’.  It was an interesting listen, talking about the different friends and relationships we have.  I’m sure we’re all guilty of not being the best friend we could be, but what about when someone isn’t the friend we need them to be?  They talk about this, and other aspects of friendship we’ve all thought about.  It’s worth a listen!  It’s incredibly refreshing to listen to famous women – my age – talk about all the day to day issues we have.  Everything from fertility to anxiety.

I’m thinking that 2019 should be a year of making more time for friends.  Getting less caught up with the things I think I should be doing, and doing more of the things I actually want.  It was a busy year last year sorting out some big things in our new house, but now it’s mostly little things to do.  Hopefully we’ll have more time to socialise and get out some big walks, and enjoy life!

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