Winter Workout Motivation

The clocks have gone back, the first frost has been, and I’m finding it harder to get up in the mornings.  In fact, as I’m writing this, it’s proper pissing it down with rain.  It’s 11am and it’s so dull out I’ve got all the lamps on.  I need to get to the gym to train back, before I meet my friend to ride my horse – in the cold and rain.

When January rolls around, everyone starts making resolutions and working towards their ‘summer body’.  I don’t know about  you, but I like to look good at Christmas and New Year!  It’s probably the time we have the most parties and nights out, so why not feel your absolute best?

Even the smallest change to your routine can make all the difference.  Check out my ideas for finding your winter workout motivation!


Dress for the Weather

I live in Scotland, so in winter it’s just colder rain.  It feels like the longest wettest season EVER.  Making sure you’re dressed appropriately makes a difference.  You just can’t dress like you did in summer to work out.  Bummer.  Goodbye shorts and sports bra workouts.

There’s nothing like having some new bits of workout clothes, but make sure they are warm layers.  Investing in long sleeve tops or sweaters with good wicking abilities, will help you stay warm whether you are indoors or out.  A thin waterproof jacket is a must if you enjoy running.

Take it Outside

There’s not a single person I know, that doesn’t enjoy those cold, crisp, sunny mornings.  Wrap up warm and get out a walk, or a jog if that’s what you like.

You might be like me, and not be lucky enough to experience those light mornings.  If all your mornings start in the dark anyway, then why not get up a little earlier?  Getting up 30-60 minutes early to have a workout, will have you feeling amazing by the end of the week!

Use your days off to take a walk, or get a HIIT workout in outdoors!  The fresh air is good for the soul.

Try Out a New Gym

I’m a member of 2 different gyms, Pure Gym and Xercise4Less.  I love trying out new gyms, not only does it peak my interest, but it lets me see which is best value for money.  Also, at this time of year through to January, gyms tend to have special offers on to try and get in new customers.

I’ve been a huge fan of PayAsuGym for a while now.  It’s a great site where you can input your postcode, and it will show you gyms near you with discounted passes.  You can choose from day passes up to monthly.

In November, PayAsuGym are offering new customers 15% off any passes using code NOV15OFF.  Or 20% off any monthly+ passes with NOV20OFFMONTHLY.  These expire on 30/11/17.

Join a Christmas Challenge

As I mentioned above, gyms like to pull people in at this time of year.  I’ve had a look and there’s a few really good value ‘boot camps’.  For example; Xercise4Less are offering an 8 week transformation camp for £100.  They are also offering memberships for £11.99 using code SAVE20.

PureGym have several 6 week ‘Pure Loser’ weight loss courses for £34.99 for non-members and £20 for members.  Just enter your postcode and choose your closest gym and start date here.

It’s also worth checking out what your local gym is offering!

In winter, the lack of sunlight naturally effects our moods.  Getting in ANY kind of exercise will help you get through these long, dark months.  I’m looking at trying a sunrise bodyclock alarm next to see if that helps with waking up too.

How do you stay motivated in winter?

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