Why You Need a 5 Year Plan

Have you ever thought about what the next 5 years holds?  Or what you would like to achieve?  It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s sensible to have a 5 year plan.

Around 2009 I realised I needed to start planning for the future.  My temporary job with the council went permanent and I panicked and handed in my notice.  I decided that I didn’t still want to be working there in 5 years.  So I hatched my 5 year plan.

I knew I wanted to train as a nurse, but I was desperate to travel a bit first.  So after an amazing first summer in the USA, I applied for college.  Fun fact: I actually interviewed for college over the phone, while sat in my underwear on the floor of my cabin at camp.

From 2009 until now (2017) I’ve spent 4 summers working in America, 1 year at college, 3 years at university, and 2 years living in Bristol.  But I got to where I wanted to be in 5 years.  It was 2009 I made the decision to change, and I qualified as a nurse in 2014.

Throwing it back all the way to 1999, I remember my aunt telling me aged 11, that life would fly by now.  I thought she was mad.  How can you convince an 11 year old that the summer holidays actually don’t last forever?  She was right though.  High school was over in a flash, and the years just keep getting faster!  Plus, I never forgot what she said.

At the very end of 2013, I started hatching my next plan.  *Prepare to find me a little creepy*  I wanted a boyfriend.  So online I went, and found my now partner of almost 4 years.  He’s not just part of the plan though, he’s my absolute rock of another half.

Then we made plans (led by me) to embark on a journey living in another city.  Which was a fun 2 years!  Now – if I haven’t mentioned a million times already – we’re saving for a house.  That’ll be the end of 5 year plan number 2.

Planning My Future

Which leads to here.  I have laid out my next 5 year plan already.  Time’s marching on and the years go far too fast.  I could quote so many different people here; “In a years time, you’ll wish you’d started today”, “Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life” and so on.

The point I’m trying to make is, if you have a goal, it needs a time limit.  Don’t keep saying you want to or need to do something, make a change towards it happening.  Always wanted to quit your job and go travelling?  Start saving!  Would love to retrain in something else?  Look up courses!  Learn a skill?  Start practicing!  Even the small goals need a time limit.

Start making your plan today.  Where do you want to be in 5 years?  What do you want to be doing?  If it’s not here, then get out your notepad and start making a plan!

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