Getting Back into the Gym – My Plan

Feeling sore but GREAT today.  Can’t lift my arms above elbow level, my shoulders hurt so bad.  After a good leg session this morning, I’m setting goals.

In around 2014, I got really into lifting weights at the gym.  Then in 2015/16, I tried to follow a plan and take it a bit more seriously.  Not like, competition serious – just enough to start following a plan and tracking progress.  Plus I spent a summer sorting out some long standing pain, and had a technique session for deadlifts and squats.

I’ve kind of sporadically kept up the gym this year, enough that I hurt every week, but not enough to see any progress.  It’s time to start following a plan again!  In April I managed an 80kg deadlift for 1 rep, and had grand goals for 100kg by the end of the year!  It’s unlikely I’ll manage that now, but maybe a goal for this coming April.

I’ll be working from the last plan I used, with a few changes.  It works on a 3 weekly rotation starting with higher reps, then lowering the reps by the 3rd week, before going back to 12.  I seen amazing progress in my strength the last time around, so no reason why not to try it again.

Since I start work pretty early and work long days.  The plan is to train 3 days a week to start with, and I’ll add in an extra leg day when I can.  As I work through the plan, i’ll be tracking my progress on instagram.  Give me a follow at @lauraoverthinksit

I’m interested to hear from anyone else who took a break then got back into the gym.  How did you find your progress?

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