Wonder Woman Movie Review

In recent years, the comic book world (or graphic novel if you are an adult), has exploded.  It has become mainstream to go and watch superheroes fight it out on the big screen and save the world.  I have been completely swept up in it all, despite the fact I am very fussy about sci-fi and anything supernatural.  The movies are so incredibly well made, it’s impossible to watch them and not be immersed in the universes of Marvel and DC.

I was sceptical about the new Wonder Woman movie, especially as our introduction to her was at the end of Batman v Superman.  Which, in my opinion was an awful movie.  However, I was proven wonderfully wrong.  Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman does a beautiful job of presenting a female main character.  Everything from the costume to the dialog, is perfection.  I mean, it’s ok to walk around Glasgow in armour with a sword and shield, right?

We are introduced initially to the young Diana in Themyscira, home of the Amazons.  After providing some history of the Amazons and Dianas childhood, the story gets underway.  The focus being Dianas character and her mission to protect life on Earth.  Pilot Steve crashes off the coast of Themyscira and Diana saves him.  They soon partner up and work together at trying to end the war.

Wonder Woman is played by the flawless Gal Gadot.  Who I am now completely in love with, and think I’ll consider leaving my partner to see if she’ll date me.  I think it was rather obvious the movie had a female director.  The women are so fierce and strong, and the costumes had subtle ways of hiding their bodies.  No need to see arse cheeks hanging out or cleavage in Themyscira.

With light humour, executed in the right moments, Wonder Woman doesn’t try too hard to be anything it shouldn’t.  The whole movie fits together well, the plot is easy to follow and the character relationships are real.  There’s even a romantic subplot which feels natural.  I cannot stand a forced romance in a movie, it puts me off straight away when two characters are put together for no particular reason.  This has been done with too many of my favourite TV programs.  Instead, I felt a connection with Diana’s emotions, and the empathy she felt towards the innocent people suffering due to the war.  The whole movie can be summed up by saying; people told Diana not to do things, she done them anyway and it was incredible to watch.

If I had to say something negative, it would be that I didn’t really like the ‘bad guy’.  It didn’t really feel believable to me, and the most of the end scene felt a little overdone.  Having said that, it developed Dianas character even more and hopefully set up for more Wonder Woman sequels!

I strongly encourage anyone to go and see this movie.   It’s rating highly right now, with 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and excellent reviews from anyone who’s seen it.  I loved it.  I’m ready to put my forearms together, dig out my boyfriends sword (I don’t know why he has a sword) and head out to kick the ass of anybody who wrongs me.

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  • I haven’t seen this yet and honestly, when I’ve seen trailers I’ve been a bit sceptical as well and just not really interested in seeing it but my GOSH the reviews have been incredible haven’t they? Definitely on my to-watch agenda now and your review was brilliant <3

    • It was my partner who talked me into seeing it! I’m so glad he did, it’s honestly brilliant. Nothing like what I was expecting either.
      Laura x

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