Wednesday – As overthought by me

As usual, I overthought far too much about my first blog post. So I’ve decided just to write a little about my day and what’s going on in my life.

Today was a good day.  It’s always a bonus when the weather is nice and I finish work a bit early!

lang crags
View from Lang Crags

I bought my horse in 2010, the same month I left full time work and started studying to be a nurse. So the next 4 years were full of unbelievable stress as I tried to juggle work, university and my full time nursing placements. I qualified in 2014 and life has gradually become much less stressful.

Almost 7 months ago, we moved back to Scotland after living in Bristol for 2 years. I’m finding since I moved home, I enjoy the little things so much more. I used to grudge any time spend at the farm that wasn’t necessary. If I got asked to help with anything or someone kept me chatting I would get so stressed out. Thinking back, I was exhausted, mentally and physically. Nursing is draining – but i’ll talk about that in another blog.

Overtoun Bridge
Overtoun Bridge

Today I met my friend at the farm and we sorted out some escaped horses (normal day), then went out an amazing ride up the hills. It was lovely and warm, and I didn’t care what time it was or that I hadn’t had dinner. Once we got back our ride, we decided to have a mess around in the arena and have a little jump. I’m extremely lucky to live and stable my horse in an area with plenty of hills and countryside, despite being a fairly large town.

Up the Crags
Up the Crags

Since moving back from Bristol, we’ve been trying to save for a mortgage. I’m making an effort not to focus too much on this and enjoy my life in the here and now. We have plans to tour some Scottish islands this summer and sample the local whisky of course. I want to really appreciate where we live as much as I can, whether it’s on foot or horseback.  I love being outdoors, Scotland really shows its beautiful scenery on the rare days when the weather is nice.

The area around Lang Craigs has recently had some work done, new paths, new trees planted and just general forestry work.  If you would like to visit Lang Craigs for a walk, the following website has information and directions:

So that’s it for my first blog.  Lots of interesting things happening this year, so hopefully lots more to write about!

Laura x

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