Irvine Beach Trip

There’s nothing quite like being able to gallop until you WANT to stop, rather than HAVE to.  We took the horses to Irvine Beach today and it made for an incredible day out.  Gulliver and I have been twice before but not for a few years.  With several people on foot and 8 horses in tow, we set off this morning for a few hours on the sand.

group photo
Group Photo

I’ve been extremely fortunate when looking for sharers in the past.  In 2011, I was lucky enough to find an amazing girl to help me with Gulliver.  She then looked after him full time when I went to work in America, and again for 6 months when I moved to Bristol.  When we booked the transport I knew there was no way we could go to the beach again without inviting Amy.

Me and Amy
Me and Amy

After a spooky first few minutes, the horses settled down.  I think most people managed to have a splash around in the water.  Gulliver doesn’t mind different riders which is great, as I was able to offer other people a turn for a gallop along the beach.  Absolutely LOVED every minute of getting to race my horse along the beach, and more importantly – he seemed to really enjoy it too.

In typical ‘yard day out’ fashion, we took LOADS of photographs and videos.  I even had friends who live in Irvine come to see us and take some photos.  Unfortunately a few people had to pull out last minute, so hopefully we can get another trip to the beach sooner rather than later.  That’s the cobwebs fully blown away in preparation for summer!

Me and Gulliver
Me and Gulliver

Irvine Beach & Transport Details

Irvine beach park is part of a 14mile stretch of sandy beaches called Irvine Bay.  It’s an incredible beach on the west coast of Scotland, and the only one I’ve taken Gulliver to.  There is ample parking for cars, trailers and horse boxes.  Irvine beach is also popular with walkers and dog walkers, and today we seen several horse and carts.

We used ‘R & A Services Horse Transportation’ to travel 3 of our horses.  Roy was helpful, patient and professional.  The box was spotless clean and in excellent condition.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for transport on the west coast of Scotland.

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