Holiday Packing

It’s early Friday morning, and I’m having breakfast before heading to the airport to fly off to Milan.  Of course I done all my packing last night, at the last minute.  I figure, if I can pack the night before I fly to spend 4 months in America, then I can pack for 3 days for sure.  Packing essentials; passport, money/card, clean underwear and comfy shoes.  Sorted.  Anything else is just a happy bonus!  Except the comfy shoes are proving an issue…


When you aren’t the most girly of girls, then packing for a girls holiday in a fashion capital is fairly tricky.  What the hell do I wear with a dress during the day?  Trainers look ridiculous, fancy sandals are NOT comfortable for walking around a city, and apparently my chacos or ‘jesus sandals’ are unacceptable attire.  I guess this means I’m probably expected to wash my hair and wear make-up too.

Legs and Toms

So trusty old airport shopping it is.  Hoping I can find a pair of comfy flip flops or similar foam style sandals to save my feet.  If all else fails, I’ve packed my Toms.  These are my all time favourite shoe next to trainers.  One of my pairs are getting a bit done, so I might treat myself to a new summery pair.

It’s supposed to be a heatwave in the UK this weekend, and Milan is to be 28c+.  Yesterday was a great trial run to gauge what clothes are comfy in the heat.  I also discovered I’ve gained 3kg since we moved back from Bristol in October and hardly any of my denim shorts or dresses fit me.  Which I’m seeing as a positive, as I was able to quickly discard the clothes that didn’t fit and it made packing easier.

One hour now to dry my hair (lies, I’m going to tie it up), put on make-up (BB cream and mascara) and dress myself.  Starting to get excited, I’m going to write some blog content on the plane and clear space in my phone.  Look out for a new post all about Milan and Lake Como once I’m back.

Happy holiday weekend!

Laura x


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