Adding Colour – Monstera Deliciosa

There’s a list as long as my arm of things that need done in this house, but right now, all I can think about is my  baby Monstera Deliciosa plant!

Making the decision to paint most rooms in the house white, means that they can lack a little colour.  Not unexpected, since this is what we planned.  I like the look of bright white homes, which pull in colour through furniture, accessories, prints and plants.  I’m still trying to work in textures…

We’re lucky enough to have a big bay window area which floods so much light into the room, but sometimes this can wash the white out.  Don’t EVEN suggest magnolia.  Anyone who’s lived in rented accommodation, SURELY hates magnolia now as much as we do!

I’ve been eyeing up getting a big floor plant for in front of the windows.  So many choices.  I didn’t want another cactus, we’ve had to kill 2 on purpose because of the tiny flies that just wouldn’t leave.  Plus I have a HUGE Christmas Cactus that’s at least 25 years old – it’s going to need a room of it’s own soon.

Then I looked at the palm tree type plants, but didn’t really fancy that.  I finally stumbled upon (on Pinterest of course) these big plants with holes in the leaves, they look pretty amazing sat on the floor in a nice pot!  A Monstera Deliciosa it is.

Turns out, they’re kind of spendy for a big, mature plant.  Even my other plan of an artificial one, I kind of grudged as that would still be at least £40 – for a fake plant.  So I settled on a tiny one for £7 from Dobbies Garden Centre.  It has no holes in its leaves yet, but it looks healthy, and it has 2 new leaves unfolding.  Yes, ‘unfolding’!  What a cool plant.

I have no idea how to care for it, I read that it likes its leaves ‘spritzed’ (high maintenance, just saying) and that it will need repotted as it grows.  Apart from that, I’m just going to water it and hope for the best.  Now to find a place for the Christmas Cactus, and display my other artificial plants, in some kind of interesting fashion!


Happy 2019! I’m a bit late to the party, but every new year, I say I haven’t made any resolutions.  Which is true in a sense.  I don’t stick to the typical ‘weight loss’ or ‘saving’ or other cliches.  However, I do find myself quietly saying i’ll do things to make myself feel better.  I…

Making Plum Gin!

September crept up quickly there didn’t it?  We made our first plans for Christmas by making plum gin!

When we moved into our house at the start of the year, there was 4 small trees in the front garden.  Through spring we watched 3 of them start to grow fruit.  Being complete novice gardeners or fruit pickers – we had no idea what on earth they were growing.

The tallest tree turned out to be a cherry tree – Mark ate them all straight off the tree.  One of them is an apple tree (they aren’t quite ready yet), and the last is a plum tree!

Turns out, plum trees are a riot.  It’s messy looking, the new branches are spikey, and all sorts of bugs reside under the leaves.  BUT, it grew us millions of plums!  So many in fact, that 2 branches snapped completely under the weight.

If we had known it was a plum tree, and how to prune it (no pun intended), it wouldn’t have snapped, and the plums would have been bigger.  There’s always next year to do it right, now we know!

So, to the point.  The plums were ripening faster than we could eat them or give them away.  Then we seen a recipe for plum flavoured gin.  Great idea.  Plus gin is ‘fashionable’ now, right?

What You Need

  • 800g plums
  • 70cl Bottle of mid range gin (we chose Bloom as was on offer)
  • Kilner Jar
  • Tbl Spoon of Juniper Berries
  • 150g Sugar

How To

  • Ensure all plums are washed, and toss any bad ones – you want to reduce the amount of bacteria.  Prick the skin on each one.
  • Put all the above into the Kilner jar and give it a shake until the sugar dissolves.
  • Shake once a day for 3 days.  Then store somewhere dark for 3 months.


We’ve never done this before, so it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.  The plan is, it’ll be ready for Christmas to share out with family.  If it turns out ok, we’ll probably make a few batches next year to give out as gifts.

If you’ve ever made fruity gin, let me know how it turned out!

The plums were ripening faster than we could eat them or give them away. Then we seen a recipe for plum flavoured gin. Great idea. Plus gin is 'fashionable' now, right?

Exploring Rome

Several years ago I bought a travel book of Italy, but I never quite got round to going exploring.  This spring, I ventured to Rome for a long weekend with my mum.  I’ll tell you right now; a long weekend was not enough! I got on a flight to Fiumicino (Romes biggest airport) with no…

Sunrise Alarm

Like most people, I struggle to get up in the morning.  I wouldn’t say I’m not a morning person, it’s just the getting out of bed part I can’t do!  I have early starts at work, long shifts and a horse to take care of at night.  Bed is my warm, happy place!

I also suffer from hearing problems which leaves me with tinnitus, and occasionally I feel a little dizzy when I wake up.  I was after a more natural way to wake.  I’d seen adverts for alarms that wake you up with daylight, and read mostly positive reviews, so thought I’d give it a try.

However, some of the sunrise alarms are a little pricey!  I didn’t want to fork out too much money on something which may not be beneficial.  I chose a more affordable version from B&M Bargains and took it home to set up straight away.

They are super easy to set up, much the same as a regular alarm clock.  You set the alarm and for 30minutes before it goes off, a warm glowing light starts very dim and gradually brightens until your alarm goes off.  Simulating a natural sunrise.

It took a few days to get used to, I kept anticipating it turning on and waking up.  Once around a week passed, I began to notice a difference.

I wouldn’t say it has me jumping out of bed in the morning, but I absolutely feel less groggy and I never feel dizzy when I use it.  It’s also much nicer than blinding myself with the lamp light at 6am.

Another function the light has, is a sunset setting.  It works the same way but in reverse.  We set a bedtime and the light turns on brightly 30minutes before, then dims down until the selected time.

Overall, I love it.  I think it’s a great addition to the morning routine.  Eventually, I hope to buy a more expensive one – I hear the Lumie ones are good.  I’d definitely recommend them to anyone, not just if you find mornings a chore!

Our 1930s House

We done it!  We finally bought and moved into our first house!  It was built in roughly the 1930s and it has some beautiful features, but it’s needing a little work.  Nothing structural, mostly cosmetic, but it still needs some TLC.  I think by far, my favourite feature, is the huge windows half way up the…

2018 – The Year Ahead

Happy New Year! 2018 is here and I’ve been inspired by reading everyones goals for the year.  As I sit here feeling a little down that the holidays are over, I’m also excited for what’s to come! In December we had an offer accepted on a house.  Everything has of course gone quiet over the…